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Worm and worm gear processing

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Worm and worm gear processing

There are many machining methods for worm gear and worm, such as cutting, casting, rolling, stamping and so on. The most commonly used method is cutting. Cutting methods are divided into two types: forming and Fan Chengfa. The 1. forming method is to directly cut out the profile of the milling cutter with involute tooth profile on the milling machine. There are two commonly used disc milling cutters and finger milling cutters. When cutting, the milling cutter rotates and the wheel moves along the axis of the gear. After milling a slot, the wheel is turned over 360 degrees /z and milling second cogging. The rest and so on. This cutting method is simple, does not require special machine tools, but low productivity, low precision, so only suitable for single piece or small batch production and low precision requirements of gear processing. 2. fan generating method is a method of machining gears by using the meshing principle of gears. This method forces the tool to cut along with the workpiece (wheel blank) relative motion at the same time. The motion relationship between them is the same as that of a pair of gears, so as to ensure the correct tooth profile and the uniform tooth distribution. For gears with modulus m and pressure angle a all the same and different teeth number, they can be machined with the same cutter.