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Domestic professional worm and worm manufacturers

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Domestic professional worm and worm manufacturer

Our company is specialized in the production of worm and worm gears, the production of large-scale worm and worm gear manufacturers and gear manufacturers, I Division of technical strength, with a number of senior worm and worm gear production master. Have many years experience in gear worm production.

Our company has strict production management system, advanced product testing instruments and strict material selection standards, thus ensuring the quality of products precision. The main products are: worm gear, spindle gear, single/double gear, bevel gear (bevel gear), roller (pulley), helical gear and other undertaking a variety of non-standard worm gear processing and non-standard gear processing. Products are widely used in agricultural machinery, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, chemical machinery, paper shredder, four-wheel-drive vehicles, photocopiers, fax machines, micro-motors and other industries.

The company has been "honesty and honor, the pursuit of excellence" business objectives for old and new customers to provide friends with high quality products, fast and quality delivery and after-sales service. We hope that customers who need related products will contact us and continue to support our company.