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Heating analysis of worm gear reducer

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Heating analysis of worm gear reducer

Heating condition and treatment of worm gear reducer

1, the conveyor belt is not fixed, the worm friction increases, the internal shaft wear is serious.

Elimination: Check the above situation, not fixed fixed well, there is friction on the lubricant, serious replacement parts.

2. Oil line damage, seals problems, less oil, oil mark damage elimination methods: replace the oil plug, inject oil to the specified parameters, seals glue repair leakage.

3. Foreign body invasion leads to deformation and failure of worm wheel and worm.

Processing method: Open the casing, use a strong vacuum cleaner to remove debris, larger objects can also be removed directly with tools, oil lubrication on the damaged area

4, running time is long, resulting in aging of circuit parts.

Processing Method: Replace the circuit device that has problems, control the use time properly, and let the machine stop running after a period of continuous operation.
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