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Common problems and maintenance of worm reducer

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Common problems and maintenance of worm reducer

(1) assembly of reducer to ensure assembly quality. Some special tools can be purchased or self-made, when disassembling and installing reducer parts, try to avoid hammer and other tools knocking; when replacing parts, try to use the original parts and pairs of replacement; when installing output shaft, pay attention to the requirements of cooperation; pay attention to the rust-proof treatment of related parts.

(2) In order to improve the efficiency of heating and oil leakage, the worm gear in worm reducer is usually made of non-ferrous metal, and the worm is made of steel. In T operation, sliding friction will produce more heat, resulting in expansion difference between reducer parts and seals, and gap between fittings; in addition, because of the thinning of lubricating oil heated, it is easy to cause leakage. The solution is as follows.

(1) the material selection of worm and worm should be considered reasonable.

(2) improve the meshing surface quality.

(3) reasonable selection of lubricating oil. General selection of 220# gear oil; heavy-duty, frequently started parts, you can choose to add lubricant additives. The additives contain sealing ring regulator and anti-leakage agent, so that the sealing ring remains soft and elastic, effectively preventing the leakage of lubricating oil.

(4) improve the assembly quality and improve the working environment.

(3) After a period of operation of the damaged equipment of the bearing, the phenomenon that the gear oil is emulsified due to the mixture of condensate and oil produced by the process of temperature rising and cooling of the gear oil will cause the bearing to rust, corrode and damage. The solution is as follows.

(1) timely troubleshooting and troubleshooting.

(2) change the lubricating oil regularly and pay attention to the oil quantity to ensure normal lubrication.