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Causes of abnormal vibration in worm gear reducer production

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Causes of abnormal vibration in worm gear reducer production

The main components of worm gear reducer are worm wheel, worm, bearing, case and so on, others include oil seal, oil cover, bolt and so on. Worm gear reducer is widely used, such as in chemical industry, printing, packaging, lifting, food and other fields are commonly used. However, due to improper use, installation, maintenance, it is inevitable that there will be a variety of faults, which seriously affect the normal production and production safety, such as abnormal vibration. Abnormal vibration of turbo-worm reducer during operation is mostly related to turbine, worm, bearing, worm gear and worm machining. According to past experience analysis, abnormal vibration of worm gear reducer production is mainly caused by the following:

1, installation quality problems, fixed bad;

2, worm and worm wear or damage;

3, bearing damage or poor lubrication.

4, there are granular metals and other foreign bodies.

And the turbine worm reducer production of these faults are usually caused by installation, use or maintenance, etc. did not comply with the standards. These troubles are usually dealt with by re-fixing the turbo-worm reducer, replacing the worm gear, worm, bearing and lubricating oil and other common treatment methods.