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Common failures and elimination of worm gear reducer

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Common failures and troubleshooting of worm gear reducer

Common problems and their causes

1, reducer heating and leakage. In order to improve efficiency, non-ferrous metals are generally used as worm gears in worm gear and worm gears are made of harder steel. Because it is sliding friction drive, more heat will be produced in operation, so that the thermal expansion between the parts and seals of the reducer is different, thus forming a gap in each mating surface, lubricating oil is easy to cause leakage because of the temperature increase.

There are four main reasons for this situation: first, the material collocation is unreasonable; second, the quality of the meshing friction surface is poor; third, the selection of lubricant additions is not correct; fourth, the assembly quality and poor use environment.

Solution: ensure assembly quality. Some special tools can be purchased or made by oneself. When disassembling and installing worm gear reducer parts, hammer and other tools should be avoided as far as possible. When replacing gears and worm gears, original accessories and pairs should be selected as far as possible. When assembling output shaft, tolerance coordination should be paid attention to. To prevent wear and rust or scale, it is difficult to remove during maintenance.

2, worm wheel wear. The worm gear is usually made of tin bronze, and the matched worm material is hardened to hrc4555 with 45 steel, or hrc5055 with 40 cr, and then grinded to roughness Ra0.8 micron with a worm grinder. The reducer is worn very slowly during normal operation, and some reducer can be used for more than 10 years. If the wear rate is fast, it is necessary to consider whether the selection is correct, whether the operation is overloaded, and worm gear and worm material, assembly quality or the use of the environment and other reasons.

Solution: selection of lubricants and additives. The worm gear reducer generally selects 220# gear oil. For heavy load, frequent start-up and poor environment reducer, some lubricant additives can be selected to make the gear oil still adhere to the gear surface when the reducer stops running, forming a protective film to prevent heavy load, low speed, high torque and metal straightness during start-up. Contact contact. The additives contain sealing ring regulator and anti-leakage agent, so that the sealing ring remains soft and elastic, effectively reducing the leakage of lubricating oil.