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Common use of worm and worm gear

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Common use of worm and worm gear

For the use of plastic worm gears and worms are very common, we can see their use in the transmission equipment of common mechanical equipment, the principle is the use of internal gear speed conversion equipment, the number of motor rotations slowly reduced to the number of required rotations, and ultimately can obtain greater torque. So that it can be more effective in production and operation.

Nowadays, plastics and worm gears have shown their effects in various industries. For example, household appliances industry, watch industry, ship machinery manufacturing industry, automobile manufacturing industry, locomotive production, construction engineering and many other aspects, there are also those commonly used heavy machinery, machinery commonly used processing tools or in the process of automatic production and manufacturing equipment will be widely used.

The characteristic of the plastic worm gear is that it can effectively increase the output torque of the shaft while lowering the speed, so that the output ratio of the torque can be slowed down according to the output of the motor. It will lead to safety accidents.