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Vertical shaft worm gear drive gearbox

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Vertical shaft worm gear drive gearbox

Our new vertical shaft worm gear drive gearbox! The gearbox uses a 30:1 ratio to reduce worm drive applications, requiring very slow, smooth rotation. The worm drive design not only reduces the rebound, but also eliminates the position of the backward drive deceleration motor, so it can be held even if there is no power on. Precision grinding 3/8 "stainless steel output shaft supports dual 3/8" ABEC 5 ball bearings to support load from any direction. The ABS plastic and aluminum structure provides a rigid frame that can be easily mounted on any flat surface without adding unnecessary weight, using a base mounting label. We offer a wide range of compatible deceleration motor options - our precision reducer and standard 3-12V will be sold separately with this gearbox deceleration motor. Vertical shaft worm gear box is the perfect turntable, time-lapse system, requiring high accuracy, torque and low-speed applications.