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Service tenet

Customer service center is one of the most important departments. Her main work is: receiving comprehensive business consulting from customers, providing technical support for customers; receiving, coordinating, handling customer complaints, solving customer problems; initiatively communicating with customers, contacting customers, understanding customer feelings and needs, timely feedback customer information to relevant management departments and production enterprises and properly handle.

Customer service center consists of customer management department and technical service department. The Customer Management Department mainly receives comprehensive business consultation from customers, and the Technical Services Department mainly provides technical support and solutions for customers before, during and after sales of products. In order to make every customer in Longshan share can get satisfactory service, and maintain a good relationship of trust with the company, we emphasize the pertinence and effectiveness of customer service, and the implementation of the acceptance responsibility system, that is, each phone call to customers, each problem is responsible, so that each other to enhance feelings and deepen understanding. If you have any questions and needs about our products, or have any comments and suggestions on our services, please feel free to communicate with us, we will do our best to serve you.

Your satisfaction is the purpose of our service. The common development of our company and our customers is our persistent pursuit.

In the face of the future, all the staff of the customer service center will care and warm customers and create brilliance with service.

Pubdate:2018-05-12 10:54:45